Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey World!

I am starting a new life in 2 weeks -- I'm going to be somebody's wife! Yep, I am getting married. Good-bye single life :) I can actually say that with a big smile in my heart now. I've always thought the engagement period would be a happy time, but it turned out to be not always so. There were moments when I can't be happier, especially when I'm in the company of my beloved. But it can be anxiety-ridden too... especially after 40 years of the single life :) And besides, there were/are many differences my fiance and I have to address: religious (I am Catholic, he is a non-practicing Jew), cultural (I was born and raised in the Philippines, he is a New Yorker and now LA-transplant), gender (I am female, he is male -- duh), economic (his family is upper middle class and mine is poor), professional (he is a film-maker/lawyer and I am a policy researcher) and ethnic (I am Asian Filipina, he is an Ashkenazi Jew) -- to name the more obvious ones. No matter the differences, no matter the challenges -- I have decided to see each day as an opportunity to live more, love more and laugh more.


  1. How boring it would be if we were all the same though. It's the differences that give us room to expand.

  2. You are right :) The struggle is to accept and make the best of the differences.