Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's a Girl!

We went to our OB last week and found out we have a girl! Yay for me. Hubby was a little shell-shocked at first but has since warmed up to the idea. He was pretty worried about having an adolescent daughter -- what will happen when our presently 16-week-old fetus turns into a 16-year-old young lady? How will the world be then?

Fortunately, he has gotten some heartening words of wisdom from fathers of daughters. Dads who have daughters tell him that there is nothing like having a child who loves her Dad the way daughters love their fathers. Now hubby can't wait to have his daughter in his arms.


  1. This is wonderful news Tea. I love my nephews but it would be great to have a niece or two too!

  2. Thanks, Mina :) You're def welcome to play with her when she arrives :)