Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loving is... putting the other person ahead of oneself

I went for a practice run for my wedding hair at the salon last night. Chunin, my hairstylist, is Korean, a tough lady with a big heart. In broken English, she connects with me -- her client -- with stories of her personal life, her opinions and advise. Pretty much how this blog is trying to connect with you:) Anyways -- she said something which jumped at me, something I've heard before. She said loving your husband is really putting him first -- I know this sounds almost counter-intuitive to the usual slogan "Me first". And then she said "maintaining a loving heart is a frame of mind". "When you wake up in the morning", she says, "tell yourself how lucky you are to have found someone to love and who loves you right back. Think about all the wonderful virtues and characteristics of your man... don't get stuck in his flaws..." Very wise advise, I thought.


  1. Thats so gorgeous! Congratulations, I hope you had a beautiful day! Are you excited?


  2. Hi M -- are you the Girl in the Little Black Gloves? Sounds so mysterious!

  3. Hi T,

    Nope I'm aqua dogstar. Hope the big day goes fantastically. Lots of love.

  4. Hi Robert! Wow you just made your blog yet you already have 26 (including myself) followers!