Monday, May 11, 2009

Back from the Honeymoon!

While I would say that nothing beats our wedding ceremony in terms of "beauty of experience", our wedding reception at Geoffrey's of Malibu in terms of "mixed experience" (as in: good food, baaaaad service) -- the honeymoon was an experience in itself :) 

We honeymooned in nearby Palm Springs and San Diego -- loved it! We spent 4 days at the Two Bunch Palms (a spa-hotel in Palm Springs -- see pic below) -- our first room was very "eerie", so we transfered to a different one and immediately felt better.

I have never spa'd before and it was a neat experience -- I tried the customized swedish massage, a facial, and a sugar scrub :)

Next stop was San Diego. Our first BnB was cozy but was next to a train station -- a train passed by every 20 minutes starting at around 6:00am. 

Our next BnB was at La Jolla -- it was soo beautiful (see pic of bedroom above) -- the best and prettiest BnB I've ever been to, with gourmet breakfast served the next day (blueberry pudding!!!).


  1. Hi Robert! I like your blog. Re designer inspirations -- have you tried the Philippines? That's where I'm from originally...

  2. hi tea. love reading your blog. i can actually hear you while i read it. :-) ... btw, forgot to mention... Congratulations! I am truly very happy for you.