Friday, August 7, 2009

Do you wanna Harambee?

I have a new project with some friends -- "Harambee"! This is a project that aims to "help Africa help itself". We will help fund education and health projects in Africa, while at the same time educating the world about Africa -- its culture, its problems, its strengths.

Harambee Intl was started in Rome in 2002, and Harambee USA was founded in NYC in 2007. But very few people have heard about Harambee ("All together for one" in Swahili) here in Los Angeles. We are trying to change that.

Projects to be funded include: Educating women in Kenya and the Cameroon, and teachers' training programs in Sudan and Kenya.

We are in the "gestation stage" and are about to cook something up for Harambee. Will keep you posted!

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