Thursday, August 13, 2009

Craving Filipino Food

The thought of Filipino food is driving me crazy with craving these days. Maybe I'm just a little homesick, or perhaps just too excited about our upcoming trip to the Philippines. Hubby does not share my enthusiasm for Pinoy food -- he thinks the dishes that taste great tend to be unhealthy (like lechon kawali) while the ones that are healthy taste bland (he once had a soul-less lumpiang ubod from Max's). But I disagree -- I think he just hasn't seen enough variety to make a sound judgement. Wait until he tastes the yummy grilled seafood in Iloilo.
I am trying to locate a good Pinoy restaurant here in LA -- so far I've been to Max's (expensive), Goldilocks, Pinoy Pinay, Asian Noodles in Chinatown and this little grill place along San Fernando Mission. Any other suggestions?


  1. Have you tried Red Ribbon? The dinuguan is more or less seasoned well.
    I have not tried Luisa & Sons which I have heard good things about. They make Pinoy pizza (with adobo, etc). It's worth a try.

  2. Talaga? I haven't seen a Red Ribbon anywhere... I will try Luisa and Sons at some point -- medyo malayo sa amin, eh. Thank you :)))

  3. Salo-Salo. We have tried a hearty breakfast at their Asuza, Covina? branch and lunch at their Cerritos location.

  4. There's that place in Artesia...the name escapes me now...Gerry's Grill (had to google, lol). Mostly grilled food but still quite unhealthy but yummy...