Friday, June 19, 2009

When life can be so 'daily'

Do you sometimes think that life can be so ... daily? Well fret not -- the "daily" can be made "holy". One of my favorite saints is having an anniversary this June 26th -- St. Josemaria Escriva. He preached on the sanctity of ordinary life. Everyday life -- your joys, sorrows, traffic blues, job worries, dinners with friends, dealings with significant others -- all can be offered up to God and be converted into a prayer. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is too "boring" to be sanctified. It is not always easy of course -- I can give in to frustration during a slow trip on Hwy101, get snarky at my hubby over something petty, or surf the web during work-hours -- all these are distractions from the path. When I remind myself that each moment of every day can be made holy, and I stay on the path, I feel more at peace at the end of the day. Try it, you might just like it :)


  1. So's when we accept that things actually happen. When we walk in faith, God gives us little surprises each day, no matter how ordinary it may be :)

  2. Hi Ina:) Oo nga. It's always a temptation to be whiny when we can be grateful instead...